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ITSM with Microsoft 365 and Jira Service Management

Quick communication and happy customers: Find your way to a fully connected service desk with Microsoft 365 and Jira Service Management.

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient IT service management is crucial for keeping employees happy and productive. Traditional ITSM communication methods like walk-up service desks, phone calls, and emails are no longer sufficient, and internal clients rely on tools like Microsoft Teams for real-time communication. To meet these needs and streamline your IT service desk, consider integrating Jira Service Management with Microsoft 365. In this article, we'll explore how Microsoft 365 for Jira by yasoon solves key challenges within ITSM.

Atlassian's Jira Service Management (JSM) has experienced rapid growth, with more than 45,000 customers using it for modern and efficient IT Service Management (ITSM). It is named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for IT Service Management Platforms. JSM benefits service agents by streamlining the handling of service requests, improving efficiency. Additionally, users find the self-service portal user-friendly for submitting requests.

Microsoft 365 is prevalent in enterprises of various sizes, boasting 300 million monthly active Microsoft Teams users as of Q3 2023. This allows companies to enhance productivity across multiple devices using Microsoft 365 tools.

ITSM Key Challenges

1. Customer Satisfaction: While speedy issue resolution is essential, customer satisfaction goes beyond that. High first-contact resolution rates, a friendly tone of communication, and availability of dedicated service agents all contribute to customer satisfaction. Collecting feedback on service requests is also vital for understanding user pain points and making improvements.

2. Time to Resolution: The IT service desk plays a critical role in quickly resolving issues and keeping customers satisfied. Service agents face pressure to optimize operational measures, including average time-to-resolution, as it directly impacts customer satisfaction. The challenge lies in managing service requests coming from various channels, which can result in delays and inefficiencies.

Solution with Microsoft 365 and Jira Service Management

Supercharge your IT Service Desk Processes: To tackle these challenges, consider creating an optimally connected IT service desk by integrating Microsoft 365 and Jira Service Management. Here's how this integration can benefit your organization:

1. Customer Satisfaction: Connecting Microsoft 365 to Jira Service Management allows customers to create issues directly in Microsoft Teams, their preferred tool. This eliminates the need for customers to leave Teams to report an issue and enables them to chat with the support team in their familiar environment. Unlike email communication, Teams chat fosters more casual, friendly interactions, motivating agents and increasing trust. Positive feedback can be tracked, contributing to higher customer satisfaction.

2. Quick and Clear Communication: By synchronizing communication within Jira Service Management via Microsoft Teams chat, you can handle minor problems swiftly, often within a 10-15 minute chat or a quick Teams call. This approach enables synchronous collaboration across teams, keeping service queues manageable and allowing agents to prioritize complex or urgent requests. Clear documentation in Jira Service Management provides insights into team performance and compliance with KPIs and SLAs.


Integrating Microsoft 365 with Jira Service Management can significantly enhance your IT service desk's efficiency and customer satisfaction levels. It streamlines communication, reduces resolution times, and fosters positive interactions between service agents and internal clients. To explore this integration further, check out "Microsoft 365 for Jira" on the Atlassian Marketplace and start working with a fully connected IT service desk today. This integration can save you time, improve support ticket creation, and help your organization work smarter together.

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Try Microsoft 365 for Jira for free: Microsoft 365 for Jira at the Atlassian Marketplace

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