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Our Cause

Thank you to our donors for being a part of Enterprise-dam

We’re pleased to be supporting communities worldwide with the generous support of our event sponsors and donors.

Community Beyond

While we celebrate the unity within the Atlassian Community, we also look to extend our reach to the greater Rotterdam community and communities worldwide. In response to heartfelt suggestions from our chapter members, we've chosen to support a cause that resonates deeply with us...

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Doctor and Patient
Doctor High Five

Caring Across Continents

We firmly believe that quality healthcare is a basic human right, but sadly, it's not universally accessible. While we are fortunate in the Netherlands, many regions in Africa lack proper healthcare. This is where Maasstad Hospital steps in. Together with their partners, they're on a mission to bridge this gap by providing education and training to healthcare professionals in Africa. By empowering skilled healthcare workers, we collectively work towards a better quality of life for those who need it most.

Join us at Enterprise-dam: The Charity Takeover and be a part of something bigger than business. Together, we can drive positive change in the world while celebrating the spirit of community and technology.

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